Taping Thrusting tips


William Gifford & Richart von Brandenburg

Greetings dear readers,

It was again the time. Richart made new rattan weapons and of course these needed to be taped. Part of it is the adding of thrusting tips, something Richart always has some trouble with. So he asked a perfectionist to help him out: William Gifford. So this little tutorial has been created and it hopefully will help others as well.

Note: What we don’t mention here is the correct material of the thrusting tips. William always talks about “black campingmat”, which he cuts in fitting discs with a holesaw. The here used foam were ordered by Richart some time ago in the US, but the material is nearly the same.

.: Materials ::

1 Disc of Foam
Narrow Strappingtape
1 Tube “Pattex Kraftkleber Classic” Glue
1 Rattanstick

.: Tools ::

2 healthy hands
1 sharp and pointy knife
moist cloth

Step 1: Fixing the foam


Lubricate the top of the rattan stick and the bottom of the foam disc with the Pattex glue generously, let it surface dry and then immediately press both together well centered.
Let it dry for about 5 minutes.

Step 2: Attachment with strapping tape

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Cut 4 stripes of the strapping tape and tape two crosses across the top of the tip so all foam is covered. Therefore press on the tape on the top and sides and tape it then on the stick smoothly.

Important: Don’t tug the tape or it will compress the tip and you lose give.

Step 3: Strapping around the tip

20161204_124047 20161204_124050

Starting ca 1-1.5cm below the top (depends on the thickness of the foam) strap several layers of strapping tape tightly around the stick. Start every layer a little bit below the last one. That makes sure that the tip is secured properly and no transition between rattan and foam can be felt.

Step 4: Taping the coloured layer


The coloured Ducttape that shall be the topmost colour of the tip needs to be taped as a square, so that it projects at all sides equally. Cut in the corners, starting from the stick and fold down and tape the so created trapezes smoothly to the stick.

Step 5: Finish your weapon


Now tape the rest of your weapon. Keep and eye that you don’t add too much tape in the tip’s area or it will be much stiffer. What you can see in the picture is that the tip, the basic colour and the cutting edge need to have contrasting colours.
(The black edges in the picture are too long. They are not allowed to reach till the tip.)

TIP: Thrusting tips need to be stored at at warm place or to be warmed up before fighting. They often get really hard in the cold.