Taping Thrusting tips


William Gifford & Richart von Brandenburg

Greetings dear readers,

It was again the time. Richart made new rattan weapons and of course these needed to be taped. Part of it is the adding of thrusting tips, something Richart always has some trouble with. So he asked a perfectionist to help him out: William Gifford. So this little tutorial has been created and it hopefully will help others as well.

Note: What we don’t mention here is the correct material of the thrusting tips. William always talks about “black campingmat”, which he cuts in fitting discs with a holesaw. The here used foam were ordered by Richart some time ago in the US, but the material is nearly the same.

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Making a shield for SCA Heavy Combat


Richart von Brandenburg

yellow (historical pattern with mundane tools)

Dear readers,

In this tutorial I will show you using the example of two shields I made how to create a nice shield for SCA Heavy Combat. Because for this kind of fighting, shields must be really sturdy, I betake some modern utilities. For everyone who wants to make their shield with historical techniques, I recommend the german Book ” “Der mittelalterliche Reiterschild” from Jan Kohlmorgen.

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