About this website

In my Hobby, the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) the search and recreation of medieval things are one of the most important things. Here, our members show an unbelievable bandwith starting with simple “ambientic” tips and tricks (e.g. hiding a LED light nicely) till academic researches. Withal everybody is free to choose how much he or she wants to get into the subject matter.


Richart in his Landsknecht Garb.  Turmhügelburg Lütjenburg 2016

So it came that I started one or another project as well and with my fighting shields I also documented one of them step by step. Based on that I wrote my first tutorial to help interested people. True to the motto: “been there, made it, ruined the project” I want to give advice to avoid typical mistakes I already made.
But of course a large portion of proud about my own work is one of the reasons to publish it. Who doesn’t like to hear a “Well done” from time to time?

But this site is not only for my own projects and tutorials, but rather I like to invite my friends in the SCA to publish their projects and tutorials here.

All of the tutorials on this website have an A-Light at the beginning:
Green = Made with historical material and techniques
Yellow = Made after historical patterns with modern techniques and equipment
Red = Ambientic withour historical pattern

And now I wish all you visitors much fun while browsing and crafting.

Best Regards,
Yours Richart von Brandenburg